Edge One

Solution Scope

Incorporating cooling, power supply, distribution and other supporting subsystems, EdgeOne™ meets the cross-industry demand for the rapid deployment of micro to large sized Data Centers. A prefabricated data center infrastructure solution - combining design, customer manufacturing and lifetime services - EdgeOne™ has been designed to provide customers with reduced cost of ownership, faster time-to-market, increased infrastructure reliability and improved environmental performance.

Mitigating Risks – Maximizing Rewards

From telecom operators and corporate enterprises through to governments and smart cities, organizations are facing an unprecedented data capacity demand from customers and citizens alike.

The underlying infrastructure is seen by these organizations as an important issue, representing a challenge that is both strategic and short term in nature.

Infrastructure projects are complex and this complexity increases with scale. Success requires balancing and coordinating a range of factors:

Investment Allocation
Total Cost Of Ownership
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Infrastructure Reliability
Infrastructure Adaptability
Better Environmental Performance
Environmental Sustainability

Future Proofed Solution

EdgeOne™ is an all-in-one solution, that provides an on going infrastructure consultation, design, manufacture, implementation, operational management and replacement service to customers located across the world.

As a market disruptive customer offering, EdgeOne™ increases the value and return customers receive from their infrastructure investment:

No CAPEX and Lower OPEX

With Cooling-as-a-Service, customers can now reassign both investment and resources to other parts of their operation

One Solution, Many Formats

EdgeOne™ has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of different environments. From distributed requirements requiring small and micro Data Centers, through rapidly deployed container Data Centers , to modularized add-on infrastructure meeting the demand for increased capacity within medium to large Data Centers.


Energized Supplier Performance

With EdgeOne™ the relationship between customer and supplier has been redefined. Covering the entire infrastructure lifecycle, Airsys is not only focused on short term delivery but also our customer’s long term goals and objectives. In fact, with EdgeOne™ Airsys evolves from key supplier to long term infrastructure partner and advisor.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Due to the ability of EdgeOne™ to optimize and intelligently integrate infrastructure design, manufacture, implementation and management, results in a low PUE, leading to lower costs and significantly improved environmental performance.


Rapid Benefit Realization

EdgeOne™ is designed to generate ‘quick win’ benefits for our customers. At an early stage they experience lower costs, through modular design and Cooling-as-a-Service, while Data Center construction phase can be reduced by over 50% through Factory prefabricated production and rapid on site assembly

Thinking Global, Acting Local

Across our manufacturing plants, global network of offices and extensive partner ecosystem, with EdgeOne™ our customers receive expert local service backed by an army of experts.