Net One

Solution Scope

NetOne™ is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based remote monitoring and control solution for mission critical facilities including Data Centre and Telcom environments.

Proven Technology

As a solution already proven across scores of Data Centers and adopted by dozens of technology infrastructure OEMs, NetOne™ provides a critical process; monitoring for fault and performance issues continuously to maintain and optimize availability.

Better Decision Making

NetOne™ is designed to be highly proactive, rapidly searching and identifying problems and bottlenecks to prevent network downtime or failures. Additionally, NetOne™ has powerful real-time management reporting that enables:

  • Synergized System operation based on IT load and ambient condition.
  • Full visibility on PUE performance, leading to continuous energy efficiency optimization.


Some of the attributes that makes the NetOne™ remote monitoring and control solution unique and agile include:

  • An End-to-End Monitoring & Control of Intelligent and Non-Intelligent Assets
  • In-House Design (Hardware/Sofware/Sensors)
  • Extreme Customization Capability & Flexibility
  • Vendor Neutral 3rd Party Integration
  • Security compliance with various standards
  • AI based Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Planning