Site One

Solution Scope

The SiteOne™ solution represents the next generation of data infrastructure cooling customer offering for mid-sized to global telecom organizations. It has been designed to address the shortcomings of today’s current market offerings in the areas of:

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Monitoring & Control
Monitoring & Control
Investment Allocation
Investment Allocation

SiteOne™ is a combined technology and services portfolio solution that covers all lifecycle stages of Telecom cooling infrastructure – from selection, procurement and implementation, to operational management, maintenance and replacement.

Reshaping the Supply Chain

Currently, when Telecom companies procure and manage cooling systems for their network estate, from an outdoor cabinet to a core network room, they have no choice but to use many di!erent external suppliers. O"en a mix of consultants, contractors, product vendors, systems integrators and ancillary service suppliers are involved in a retrofit or new build project. And these suppliers are tactically focused on their own specific delivery rather than the overall solution requirement.

This dispersed, expensive, sometimes chaotic, supply chain stops Telecom companies bringing transformational change that would unlock the path to:

Lower Costs
Lower Costs
Increased Revenue Opportunities
Increased Revenue Opportunities
Better Environmental Performance
Better Environmental Performance
Reduced Risk
Reduced Risk

SiteOne™ provides Telecom companies with the key that opens a new world of possibilities.

SiteOne™ brings together best practice processes derived from working on hundreds of major Telecom projects across two decades. The global SiteOne™ team represents expertise across all selection, implementation, maintenance and replacement customer lifecycle phases.

Additionally, the investment made by Airsys in SiteOne™ has equipped this solution offering with an unrivalled array of tools and systems that both optimize and de-risk each customer project phase. An example of this being the NetOne™ component SiteOne™. This family of tools based on AI, ML and IoT technology, provide advanced infrastructure operational monitoring across the entire Telecom network estate.

SiteOne™ is an industry FIRST! Telecom companies can reap major benefits from supply models that, up to now, have been widely adopted in other areas but not available for Telecom infrastructure. Through the manufacturing design and turnkey service provided through SiteOne™, the Telecom industry is now able to take advantage of Servitization (Cooling-as-a-Service).

For Telecom companies, Cooling-as-a-Service is a highly efficient and effective way to reduce Infrastructure CAPEX investment to zero, while also decreasing OPEX. Energy efficiency is dramatically improved (lower PUE) and barriers to Telecom companies being able to scale and adapt their infrastructure to meet the

SiteOne™ - Product Range

The SiteOne™ product range provide Telecom companies with technology solutions for all application scenarios:

  • Outdoor cabinet
  • Telecom base station
  • Access/switching computer room
  • Data center of convergence & core network room


Beginning in the previous century, and with over fi"y thousand cooling products manufactured to date, Airsys has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge in delivering reliable technology, configured to a Telecom company’s exacting environmental and locational requirements.

Just some of the features found within the SiteOne™ product range include:

  • 24*7 uninterruptible operation design
  • Indestructible framework - Dual layer exterior protection
  • Auto-control optimizes system performance
  • Outdoor Wall-mounted Package Design - no interior space is required.
  • Plug-in wiring connection and easily removable components
  • Accessible component easy to maintenance
  • Lockable server breaker access- service safety
  • Automatic Maintenance Sequential test
  • Emergency ventilation function
  • Air Filter Protection Device - Preserves air filter life by avoiding “dirty” air periods
  • Prediction warning protection for cooling system
  • Voltage protection-control protection
  • Random restart when power recovered

Increased Energy Efficiency

PUE (“Power Usage E!ectiveness”) is the most popular method of calculating energy efficiency related to data infrastructure. The lower the PUE, the greater the energy efficiency.

With SiteOne™, Telecom companies can generate an increase in energy efficiency, and so lower costs, across both New Build and Retrofit projects:

  • New Builds - PUE < 1.2
  • Retrofit - PUE < 1.5

SiteOne™ achieves this through the application of proven tools, process steps and best practices across three project lifecycle stages (design, build and operate):


At a technology level, high quality features and components are embedded across the SiteOne™ Product Range to optimize energy efficiency performance:

  • Integrated with free cooling system, saving up to 90% of the energy requirements
  • Auto-control optimizes system performance
  • High Performance Components including EC fan, compressor, heat exchanger and high torque and low leakage air damper
  • Variable Frequency Drive technology allows the compressor to precisely match the internal load
  • Various working modes optimize efficiency according to di!erent application

Centralized monitoring system for telecom infrastructure

As an advanced Monitoring and Control system, NetOne™ is a cornerstone of the SiteOne™ solution. It allows the adoption of a predictive based maintenance process, minimizing downtime

Transforming the Investment Model

SiteOne™, through its Cooling-as-a-Service capability, allows Telecom companies to remove the CAPEX and reduce the OPEX associated with their investment in cooling systems for infrastructure.

This approach gives modern Telecom businesses the agility and flexibility they need to stay relevant in ever-changing markets and meet their customers’ needs more successfully and quickly.

It allows a Telecom company to keep up with the competition by paying for only what it needs when it needs it, so it does not get stuck with a huge bill for outdated infrastructure.